Ai Founder Elected to Board of Evergreen, Maryland’s Health Cooperative

Last Updated Feb 27, 2013
By: Barbara Koch






Established in Howard County in 2010, Evergreen Health Cooperative will soon begin offering innovative health plan options to Marylanders via the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange (HBE).  Evergreen is a member-owned health insurance co-op focused on using technology and new health plan models to improve health outcomes and reduce costs. 
Evergreen’s innovative approach to health insurance has gained national attention as one of only a few health cooperatives in the country poised to take advantage of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s provisions for non-profit health insurance plans. 
Ai Managing Partner, Chris Brandt, was elected as a member of Evergreen’s Board of Directors.
About Audacious Inquiry
Audacious Inquiry works as a strategic partner to government agencies, businesses, professional associations, and non-profits to maximize the positive outcomes and minimize the risks of initiatives at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and government.
About Evergreen
Evergreen Health Cooperative Inc. is a leader in the new health care system coming to Maryland, bringing health care innovations – greater accessibility, increased efficiency, and the use of technology for higher quality care – to individuals and businesses throughout the state. Evergreen isn’t just a new health care option in Maryland, it’s a whole new way of delivering care.
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